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Why Won't Sprint Give Me a New Phone?


Why Won't Sprint Give Me a New Phone?

My last two phone have been almost useless.  The first phone was an Samsung Instinct.  They told me at the Sprint Store when I brought it in that this was just a bad phone and I should upgrade.  When it came time for an upgrade, I upgraded to the LG Optimus.  This phone is even worse. It drops calls, it turns itself off, it freezes, I touch a button and nothing happens.  I brought this into a Sprint store and was told that they know about the issues and since I am eligable for an upgrade I should.  The only phones that are eligible for free, also have known issues.  Since I am eligable for an upgrade and I have a phone that is less than 1 year old and doesn't work, why can't I get a phone without issues and not have to pay?


Why Won't Sprint Give Me a New Phone?

Well if I was you I would get whatever phone you can asap.  That sprint premier thing is about to end and then you will be waiting another year with your Optimus.  Keep in mind you get what you pay for.  So if a phone is cheap or free, there is probably a reason for that.

What you can also do it look around on craigslist or ebay for a better phone at a reasonable price. 

Do you already pay the additional $10 for a smartphone?  Since you are at that year mark I am not sure if you do or not.  If not keep in mind that charge will be added to your bill when you upgrade your phone.

Since you are also at your year mark (if you got the money) you might also want to look into what other service providers have in the phone selection.  It should eb right arounf the $100 mark for your ETF.  Maybe another provider might have a phone you like for free as well.

You have options available.  But do your research before you upgrade to another phone.  These android phones can be very tempermental at best. 


Why Won't Sprint Give Me a New Phone?


     I read your post and I wanted to appoligize for the recent trouble with your phone. I would like to investigate the issue further so we can come to a resolution. Do you have any equipment protection on the LG Optimus? I assure you the LG Optimus is a great phone and one of our most popular Androids. On 9/14 there was a software release that did cause some issues with a limited number of LG Optimus devices, We have addressed the issue and that has been resolved. If you wish to keep your Optimus we most likely can repair the device at a sprint repair center.  If you do want to upgrade your device we are doing online specials for the Samsung Conquer and Samsung Replenish which are both Android Smartphones. All devices that are released to have some bugs to work out but we are constantly working with manufactuers to correct this issues as they come to our attention. I will include a link below to the phone wall where you can compare our current devices and a link to the store locator. (Make sure the store you choose is listed as a repair location).

     If you have any futher questions or concerns please feel free to send me a private message.


Phone wall link: Tonguehones

Sprint Store locator:

Thank you,



Why Won't Sprint Give Me a New Phone?

I would like to send you a private message how can I do that.


Why Won't Sprint Give Me a New Phone?

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