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Why are you suddenly dropping the Customer Service ball?


Why are you suddenly dropping the Customer Service ball?

I have been with sprint personally for over 2.5 years and unlike a lot of other people I read about on the blogs or forums and such I have rarely had any problem with the phone service. The data on the other hand is overrated as I'm paying an extra $10 per month and it is so spotty and it cuts in and out randomly that it is easier to wait for wifi then use the data in most cases. My text messages sometimes will not show up for hours at a time and when I make or receive a call they all pop up at once. this doesn't happen all the time but enough that I sometimes will initiate a phone call just to see if I have any messages and this gets annoying. I always pay my bill well before the due date (sometimes a month before) and never had quite enough of an issue with these problems to call and get help. I just figured it was my area and service was bad here.

My Mother has had Sprint for well over a decade (her first and only cell service provider, so far) with 3 lines of service and I had my first phone under her plan. Now that I help her pay the bill for the family plan I know that everyone on that plan also has the same little issues I mentioned above. It's why I switched to VW years ago and I only switched back to sprint because my family still had sprint so it was free to call them.  Dont get me wrong, the service is OK for the most part, but they all notice the little annoying problems here and there. Yet we stay because its not to horrible that we have been pushed over the crest quite yet.

I have called customer service a few times about billing issues and once about the HTC EVO charging port issue and they have always squared things up. I never had an issue with horrible customer service like a lot of people have complained about so I have no issue with the sprint CS reps on the phone or online whatsoever. This changes completely though when you go to a Sprint store and talk to them about an issue. When I went into the sprint service center about the EVO charging port the the first time I thought my charger was bad and just wanted to buy a new one. The store was busy and when I walked in the guy at the front asked why I was there. I told him that I needed a new charger for my phone and he looked at me like I was there to waste his time. After asking me if that was all he pointed to all the people waiting and said "as you can see we are really busy, you know you can get those at any store for 5 bucks and you wont wait here two hours", he then went back behind his little podium and started playing with his phone that was blu-toothed to one of the portable display speaker systems and playing the new Chamillionare album. That's the customer service I want!

I then went to bestbuy and got the stock charger for my phone and it did not take two hours nor did I have to listen to anyone tell me how to not waste their time by coming to buy something from them.

I thought reps made a commission of a outright sale of accessory's and such, but maybe the lowly price of a charger was not worth his high standards to exert any effort.

I went back the next day to have them look at the phone because the charger replacement made no improvement and the tech that was looking at my phone for a few seconds said that the port was corroded due to water damage. He said they did not cover water damage and I should go through the insurance to replace my phone. When I told him that the phone had never been in water, he then told me looking at me with a straight face "Sometimes when you take your phone to the bathroom with you when you shower the moisture can get in the phone..." This pissed me off and I almost punched him in the face right there, but I refrained with some effort and I told him that I did not ever take a shower with my phone. He then mumbled stuff about humidity building up due to temperature changes in a room or some crap. When I told him that I'm sure that he meant condensation had built up and not humidity he blustered and stammered and told me again that they could do nothing for me and then went back to his counter to help confuse some other poor customer. I wanted to continue our conversation about water but I held back because I thought that indeed it might be the water in this one Sprint store that turned everyone into an total A-hole. Plus at this time I was out of my contract (as I gladly still am). That almost did it between me and sprint right there, but I was comfortable and instead of canceling I called sprints customer service and to their credit they sent me a new (new to me) phone within a few days and took care of everything with out any further issues. Plus they seemed happy to help me out and did not seem to let on that I was wasting their time at all.

Now earlier this month I found a charge on my bill for a $4.95 for a service that I had not subscribed to. I went through Sprint Chat and then to a phone call to customer service to get rid of it and had no unpleasant issues with them at the time and it was apparently fixed. However now when I look at my bill today I see the same charge for the same service. 2013 does not seem to be a good year for me and sprint because prior to this year I had minimal problems and now its like Happy New Year, Screw You!!!

Now I was under the impression that these services would be removed and the charges would be reversed but I only see on my account a credit for an unrelated issue and the new $4.95 charge sitting happily on my bill. and looking at the last bill the charge is still sitting there also.  This was not the service I expected and Now I'm glad that my contract is up.

If this is what I am to expect from sprint from here on out. This is the kind of stuff that happens that starts to make me understand and see what people are saying about sprints "legendary" costumer service. I don't mind paying the 10 bucks if I must but when I am informed that the service is removed and its not, that's just wrong to lie and its also just really poor customer service. If I misunderstood that the charge was to be reversed and need to pay for the service that I never used even once just because it was activated (ready to use) on the phone at the time of the bill or whatever I would understand. But to tell me it was taken care of and not follow through for whatever reason is just bizarre at the very least.

So then last week I left my phone at the grocery store (100% MY FAULT)  and when I went back it was gone. So I called to put a hold on the service and file a claim with the insurance. Because Asurion is such a crappy service that when I filed the claim my payment to them did not go through and a few hours later someone called and said that they would give my phone back for a fee. Because I have important files and stuff on the phone for work and such, I would rather do this then pay $100 for the insurance and get a phone with all my data missing, I called Asurion to hold the claim and found out that had I not heard from dude about the phone, and because my payment had not processed, I would have been screwed. After paying close to $250 over the whole length of the contract and the $100 deductible, I would be paying $350 for a phone that sells on eBay for $80, What a deal! But alas it should work out in the end... Right?

Wrong... after I talked the guy down from $200 to $75 and when I went to pick up the phone, I come to find out that the screen was broken (of course). So now I had to pay another $60 at a cell phone repair shop to have it fixed and then called the insurance and sprint to get it turned back on.

I know this is not Sprints fault and I'm not trying to blame them, but if the guy had not called me to SELL me MY phone back, Asurion would have never processed my order and I would have been with out a phone for quite a while and still had to pay the deductible, be forced to upgrade with a 2 year ,contract or buy another phone outright.

How does the old saying go... "Birds of a Feather..." something something... Sprint made the choice to use Asurion, and I guess they make some sort of profit from the deal between so they tolerate the crappy service that Asurion pushes onto Sprints own customers. This I truly hope is not indicative of the mind-set Sprint has concerning its own customers.

If sprint would offer its own insurance and not deal with a company like Asurion, not only would they make a bunch of money off writing the insurance policy's for phones, they could also take care of the issues with THEIR OWN customers right away. Not only to give them a phone without waiting for days but to therefore improve their customer service reputation/image at the same time. (As long as they didn't try to rip people off like Asurion does.)

How about this: Imagine if Sprint had a program that a customer could pay into every month just like they already do with the TEP program. But now it would work just like the insurance does, until it reached the REAL replacement price of the phone. Anything after that could be stored on the customer account as credit towards a future phone upgrade.

Then when you upgrade and get a new 2 year contract, combined with any of the Sprint discounts available the customer would pay what seems like almost nothing (although they are paying for it by contributing into it all along). Imagine the retention. Then the balance if any is left, is put back on their account building towards the insurance for the new phone and the next upgrade. The process is started over again and you have a happy customer for two years because they got a new phone for little to nothing out of pocket.

Of course sprint must take a percentage to offset other claims and for program implementation costs profit etc... but the customer would be paying into something real and tangible, not just pouring the money in a hole. but seeing their payments grow towards a new phone in the future. This would then cut down on fraudulent claims too because when they use the insurance they are potentially using some of their next upgrade credit for a new phone. Of course you could put rules on using it so that when you used it as insurance you still must return or deactivate the ESN on the old phone and when you use the surplus to upgrade you MUST sign a new 1 or 2 year contract. Do you think a customer would leave if they had say $200 of their own money sitting there on top of what Sprint offers for a contract extension? I know I would think twice... But no, This would benefit the costumer and Sprint way to much and make too much sense.

At one point when I lost my phone I was thinking about upgrading my plan but the phone I would get is $300 plus taxes, fees and accessory's like a case screen protectors etc... I had been saving the upgrade for almost 8 months now and sticking it out with Sprint, hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but all I seem to see is a deepening darkness... Now if I had a surplus built up it would be much harder to leave that on the table.

But I know that I am not entitled to anything from sprint and they have no obligation to me except as defined in the contract. And at the same time I'm really not looking to get everything I can manage to gouge from sprint. I could have upgraded partially on Sprints dime to a more expensive phone a few times over just to have the "new one", but I don't really need that. All I want is good phone service and at least adequate customer service if a issue arises that requires attention that I cannot provide.

All I ask from you sprint is to do what you say you will do when you address an issue or problem. If you cant or wont do something just let it be known so that a customer is not left hanging wondering what is going on and left feeling shafted. You don't need to beg me to accept the privelage of you providing me your phone service. I understand enough about business to understand that you know that I would leave if I didn't see value in the service I'm paying for.

I like Sprint service and the customer service, even with the problems lately, is underrated as far as I can tell from what I have been reading online, and aside from the A-hole in-store employees I've had to deal with and the weird string of issues in the past few months, Sprint has been good to me. Just don't continue to push me toward the edge, because there comes a point when relief from dealing with little problems all the time, has greater value then a few extra dollars per month on another carrier.


Re: Why are you suddenly dropping the Customer Service ball?

I'd like to point out that I intentionally went back to Sprint because the were known for their great customer service... And well, service in general.

It hasn't been until I had a problem with mysterious charges they refuse to explain that I've ever had an issue with them. Now, every single time I call Sprint for support, they always give me the run around.

Like, for example, I had a bunch of other bogus fees that weren't suppose to be on my bill. A guy was really nice and claimed to have taken them off. They still haven't appeared off my bill yet.

Not to mention, nobody at Sprint can explain why they're slapping on bogus fees and then blaming other companies for it. When the other company clearly tells you they didn't put it there... they mean they didn't put it there. It's at least a courtesy to your customers to apologize for the matter. But nah, I haven't even received any apology like, "Hey, sorry for the mix up! We'll get right into investigating it!"

Now I call and get people with accents and attitudes I can't even understand.

Usually the good customer service is in the actual shops and service locations for me.

Heck, even the Sprint guy who was trying to setup my phone I currently have, sat there for 3 HOURS WITH ME trying to get my account setup... because the people on the other end couldn't do 1 straight thing right.

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