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Why can't I get a replacement phone faster/easier?


Why can't I get a replacement phone faster/easier?

Hello, my name is Brandon and I have been experiencing problems with my Samsung Galaxy SII for several weeks now. It's been shutting off by itself and whenever I try to use certain applications.

I went to a store in Woodbridge, VA and told the staff about the problem. They tested my phone and ordered a replacement on December 22nd. Today is January 5th and I am still without a phone due to the Galaxy SII being on back-order.

I am quite upset that

1) I still have to pay a monthly bill for a phone I can barely use, and

2) I could not at least get a temporary phone to use until my replacement arrives

I have calls to make, I travel often, and I feel like I am left in the dark without a method to contact friends, family, employers, or my organization members. I believe a change needs to be made in Sprint's replacement policy to make sure that customers can remain in contact and keep using Sprint's service while their phone replacements are being processed, if not allow customers to pick-up their replacement phones in-store or in nearby stores that have the items in stock.

And as a sidenote, I visited another store in Woodbridge about the problem (at 2920 Prince William Pkwy), and the staff stated that both of my phone batteries were malfunctioning, which I thought was incorrect since one was new. They still ordered another battery for me instead of researching the issue further. The other store (14214 Smoketown Road) debunked their diagnosis when they tested my batteries. This may reveal a problem with repair service procedures.

Thank you for your attention.


Re: Why can't I get a replacement phone faster/easier?

I am having a very similar problem myself. My wife and I paid to get out of a verizon contract in December of 2011 and bought two galaxy SII devices. Her phone at this point has been replaced three times I believe and I have not been able to charge mine for months. I work with hopsital supply chains on a daily basis and need my phone for calls, e-mail, and video chatting to keep things running smooth. I currently have to charge my battery in my wifes phone over night and swap them in the morning and this gives me about 4 hours of battery life. This is unacceptable and I dont even know when I will be getting a replacement, there is not even a promise date on delivery. I want my service terminated or a phone ready to pick up at the store today. I am waiting on a call from a "supervisor" that could take up to 72 hours.... how rediculous. How does this company boast about their customer service yet cant provide me with a working cell phone. I cant even get 4g in my area and its been promised for 2 years.... Really Sprint??? Its funny to me how rude these CSRs and salespeople can be and expect to retain any kind of business. The salesperson at the store told me I dont ship the phones what do you expect me to do about it, as nobody seems to have a clue when the replacement will actually arrive I am basically just stuck high and dry with a phone I can use for 3 hours on  a battery that I had to charge with another phone because mine will not charge at all on its own. The CSR informed me that there is nothing they can do, sent me to a supervisor who told me that I can pay $240 to cancel my contract AFTER the phone ships or I can stick around for more fun and excitement once it arrives and they can put a credit on my account for the time that my phone as been down based off of their findings via the usage on my statement. I was also told to stop talking by the supervisor and was informed that I would have to wait 72 hours to hear back from the next level up... How much time do they waste fighting off people like me who just want them to hold up their end of a contract which in my opinion would include getting me a phone that works and I dont have to repeatedly have repaired when they when they could just get me a different model and be done with the whole situation and not risk a 200$ a month customer? Is it that much to ask to be able to use the service I am paying for without all of the interruption? Its not like sprints service is all that great to begin with. The one thing sprint has going for them is unlimited data but with the speeds that you get on their network you wouldnt be able to go over your limit anyways.

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