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Why did Sprint customer service provide such poor service?


Why did Sprint customer service provide such poor service?

I was placed on hold for 1 hour and then my call was disconnected. Really Sprint? Is this good customer service? 

I called in earlier today because I noticed that I couldn't make calls with my phone. The customer service rep who answers said that the entire North East network was down that that was the reason. At the end of September after the earthquake, I broke my contract with T-moblie to move to Sprint because I believed what Sprint was telling which was that they were the "always on" network.  I just needed a phone that worked during high network usage similar to the time of the earthquake.

With that as the background, as well as that fact that this was the second time I had heard from customer service that the network was down, I began to question my decision. Should I have stayed with the other carrier.  I asked for the supervisor as I wanted them to make me whole for these experiences. After all I paid $100 to leave T-mobile and now I dealing with this? The supervisor John wasn't much help.  All he said was there is nothing he can do as the network is down and when it comes back up my account would be credited the time that it was down.  This probably would amount to less than a dollar. I asked John for his supervisor and he said sure and then I was placed on hold for an hour and then hung up on.  Wow.

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