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Why do you treat new customers better than existing customers?


Why do you treat new customers better than existing customers?

After 12 years with another carrier, I switched to Sprint nearly 2 years ago.  I have two smart phones on my account on the Family Everything Data plan.  One phone has been excellent, with few problems.  The other has had issues since the beginning.  It loses voice service, cannot maintain a data connection and frequently freezes.  We have repeatedly called Customer Disservice, and taken it to various Sprint stores in the area.  Most recently, we were told the phone is old and to simply, "Get over it."  Despite paying for insurance on the device, Sprint has continually refused to replace it.  Instead, they want to do a hard reset (something I've done literally dozens of times), or they tell me not to install any apps on my phone.  Seriously?

For two years, I have been paying $10.00 per phone per month for Premium Data.  At the beginning of the contract, I was told this fee was for the 4G network, despite the fact that my market still does not have 4G service.  At the time, the sales rep told me we would be getting 4G in "three, at most four months."  Of course, it never happened, and the 4G data fee was renamed Premium Data.

Now I am eligible to upgrade to new hand sets, but I don't know if I want to.  I'm tired of the empty promises for network service we still don't get.  But then, I saw something that really angered me.  The upgrade price for each of the phones I'm considering is $199.00.  That's fine, it's a fair price for the device.  But, I also see that if I'm a customer of another carrier switching over to Sprint I can get either one of those phones for half that price!  What gives?  Don't existing customers get the same consideration?  I talked to a sales rep and asked him to match the new customer price.  He refused and hung up on me.

I guess it's easier for you to snag new customers than retain existing ones because we already know how shitty your service and your employees are!

You're making my decision to leave a lot easier.

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