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Why is Sprint dropping all my calls (2 Mar 2013)?


Re: Why is Sprint dropping all my calls (2 Mar 2013)?

I too live on the far-east side of Indianapolis.  The moment I exit the 70E at Post Road my phone continuously drops calls until I'm home.  This is embarrasing, frustrating and ridiculous.  I left Verizon and switched to Sprint about five years ago and didn't have a problem with service.  However within the last few weeks, their service has been terrible enough that I'm considering switching back.  I don't have time for Sprint's be patient approach while they upgrade their equipment.  How are other companies able to do the very same thing with minimum interruption to their customers?  Sprint should inquire and model their approach as such.  In addition, it would have been nice if Sprint notified their customers of continous outage issues in Indianapolis.  When you are paying for a service you expect it to be available at all times.  Sprint, what are you going to do for your customers who you have seriously inconvenienced.


Re: Why is Sprint dropping all my calls (2 Mar 2013)?


I fully understand your frustrations, understand we're simply not just adding LTE. We're revamping our entire network, in a nutshell old equipment is being replaced with our vision architecture. Given the complexity(lease agreements, municipality permits, backhauls, etc.) & magnitude of this project, it's not something that will not happen overnight. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you & all of our customers, what Sprint is doing is creating an entire network that will keep our customers satisfied by enhancing our current services & introducing LTE to our footprint.


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