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WiFi not working


WiFi not working

When trying to use WiFi, my Samsung 2S will not connect to the internet.  When using 3G, it works.  The phone shows to have an excellent signal from the WiFi.  Can anyone assist?


Re: WiFi not working

Hello.  It's important to understand the difference between WiFi and 3G.  It's like the difference between cellular phones and cordless phones.  3G is a cellular network.  The WiFi you may be connecting to is like a cordless phone where the base is within 100 feet of you and belongs to someone other than Sprint.  Also like a cordless phone, the base of the WiFi network has to be "hard wired" to a data network and then it can re-transmit the signal wirelessly.  Is this your own WiFi network?  If so, does your device show connected to this WiFi network or are you having trouble connecting to it.  Most WiFi networks are secured and require a "network key" or password to be entered in order to establish a connection.  Do you know the password of the WiFi network you are trying to connect to? 

Hope this helps,


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