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Wireless Emergency Alerts Launches


Wireless Emergency Alerts Launches

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), also known as CMAS, is a part of a   national alerting system called IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert and   Warning System) that enables emergency management officials to rapidly   disseminate the warnings and safety information via text alerts to   wireless phones based on the phones’ geographic location.

WEA messages are free. They are a public service brought to you  by Sprint in cooperation with Federal, State, and local public safety  agencies.

Check out these links for more information including  if your phone is  capable, how to turn it on and off and a list of  markets which have this  functionality rolled out. Expect more markets  to come online soon.

Is my phone capable to recieve Wireless Emergency Alerts?

How do I turn on Wireless Emergency Alerts on my phone?

FAQ about the texting alerts

You can also check out the new WEA forum here for more information.



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