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Worst Coverage, Worst Customer service


Worst Coverage, Worst Customer service

I had been a T-Mobile customer for 10 years and this is the first time I switched to Sprint. I regret big time and can't wait to get out of Sprint after my 24 Months period is Over. Sprint has worst coverage I have ever experienced. Call voices are breaking all the time and even dropping in the middle of the call. Internet is too slow and I keep losing connectivity in as soon as I get in to any building.

I have reported the issue from their App on my phone with nor response. I talked with customer service and they said to get back to me and no response yet. I am waiting to see if T-Mobile offers to pay for the remaining contract with Sprint and will switch back ASAP.


Re: Worst Coverage, Worst Customer service

Read all my discussions!  Do yourself a favor and run!!!!

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