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Worst cell phone service ever! - Resolution Request!


Worst cell phone service ever! - Resolution Request!

If I could go back in time I never would have left AT&T. The service maps for Sprint are the biggest joke on the internet. I am so tired of not having service at my house, at work, or anywhere else I go. It is just plain annoying. And Sprint just doesn't care about it.

At home in zip code 45011 intersections of State Route 747 and Kyle's Station Rd

At work zip code 45014 intersections of Mulhauser and State Route 4.

I have been through the shut down phone, restart, blah blah blah, nothing changes. Here is my last chat transcript...

Lindsay K.: Thank you for waiting.
Customer: no problem
Lindsay K.: I have checked the service issues in your area and I can assure
you that there are no such services issues are currently reported that can cause
the problem you are facing
Lindsay K.: Let me do some basic troubleshooting and lets see if the phone
Lindsay K.: Please switch off your phone and confirm once it is done.
Customer: ok it is off
Lindsay K.: Are you facing Calls issues or Texts issues as well?
Customer: I am having issues with both missed
calls, dropped calls, and texts not coming in. And with data trying to use the
Lindsay K.: Okay
Lindsay K.: Since when are you facing these issues?
Customer: since the day I got the phone. So a
little over a month ago.
Customer: The service just isn't that
Lindsay K.: I understand.
Lindsay K.: I have refreshed the services of your handset
Lindsay K.: Please switch on the phone and wait for a minute and confirm the
Customer: ok
Lindsay K.: is the iPhone On?
Customer: Yes and where it should say 3G is a
little o
Lindsay K.: Follow these steps:
Lindsay K.: From the home screen, tap Phone.
Lindsay K.: On the keypad, dial ##873283# and tap Call.
Lindsay K.: Tap OK.

The handset will search for profile updates and
install them
Lindsay K.: The profile is now updated.
Customer: ok that is done
Lindsay K.: Great
Lindsay K.: Now check the Call and text sttaus.
Lindsay K.: status*
Customer: I made a call and the other person
couldnt hear me at first, it was really broken up. But we stayed on the phone
for a minute and it got a little better.... i sent a text and it took a long
time to send. The service still shows a little o
Lindsay K.: is the phone Voice Roaming turned On?
Customer: yes it is
Lindsay K.: Okay
Lindsay K.: Please turn the Voice roaming off and on,.switch off the iPhone
for 2 minutes and turn it back on.
Customer: ok
Customer: Ok it is back on and it keeps
switching between 3g and the little o

Re: Worst cell phone service ever! - Resolution Request!

welcome to sprint.  I have not been able to get service in my neighborhood for months and they don't give a damn

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