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Wrong billing zip code and account pin?


Wrong billing zip code and account pin?

For three days now I have been trying to add my account pin to have access to the bill. I put in the CORRECT billing zip code and the CORRECT account pin but a message shows up saying it does not match their records. I also called sprint to see if they can manually make my account able to see bills but they were absolutely no help at all.


Re: Wrong billing zip code and account pin?

I do apologize  we are unable to make any changes on a account.  Were you able to confirm the billing Zip code and the Pin with the representative you talked with?   Have you tired clearing the cached data on your computer or tring to set up the information from a different computer?   If you were unable to confirm  Billing Zip and pin with  the agent you talked with  Please send me a Private message with your phone number Pin code and Zip code and I will see If I can confirm them.

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