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Your Account is Not Authorized....


Your Account is Not Authorized....

Beginning November 4, three cells on the same account held by me are being denied access to the phone number of a second home I own.  These three cell phones have successfully called the number in the second home for a minimum of three years prior to November 4.  My three cells receive an error message which begins with *Your account is not authorized to make calls to this phone number...."  This error message first occurred on November 4.  Today it is November 9.  The problem has yet to be resolved.

I have spent hours on the phone with Sprint since November 4, repeating the same information to each person who picks up the phone, even though they claim to have access "my file"....beginning with

1-888-211-4727 and now multiple calls to the number in question ion my second home to provide the engineers in Oklahoma three specific date/times that I receive the "error message."  (I have done done this almost daily since Nov 5).  The "enginneers" at Sprint can access the phone number in question, my daughter who has a Sprint account can access the phone number in question, my daughter-in-law in Oregon who has Verizon can access the phone number, my son in California can access the phone number in question....BUT my three cell phone cannot access the phone number in question (after years of successful access).  I also must constantly return phone calls to Sprint to keep the work ticket open, otherwise my problem is considered resolved and work on this issue will terminate...based upon the fact that the engineers can access my second home.

I do not believe this an equipment routing issue or switching issue...the engineers certainly have traced my calls numberous times over a period of time.  I believe that the files that hold my account information have become corrupted (who knows why).  However, when I suggest a clean up of my account files or a deletion of the current files holding my account information and reentering account information am told that I would need to be willing to change my cell phone numbers!  At this time I am debating a change of phone number or a change in the service provider.

I have to change my cell numbers to accommodate an error/data corruption for which I am not accountable....!  Unbelievable.

The instructions for this forum indicate that you should frame your comments in the form of a question...this situation has deteriorated far beyond the asking of a simplistic question.


Re: Your Account is Not Authorized....


     Just to be clear this is a very odd case indeed. I worked on a similar issue with another customer who was blocked from calling a specific number even though the number wasn't listed in the block allow list on the account. My work around was successful in removing the block issue. Now without actually being in your account I'm not sure if I can duplicate the same result. I will however try everything I can on my end to do so.

     I understand that this has been an ongoing issue causing multiple contacts to Sprint without a resolution to speak of. I will require your phone number and either your PIN/ Security answer in a PM. With this I can access your account and process my work around. This work around will have no effect on your current phone number or service. If I'm successful I will then implement the work around on the other 2 numbers on your account.

     I would hate to see anyone in your predicament to continue as such. Please let me know if this works for you and I'll get started as soon as I have the information that was requested above.




Re: Your Account is Not Authorized....

Thanks Zach.  I did send to you, via PM, the requested information early Saturday morning, 11/10/2012.

I am surprised that an error messsage "THE ACCOUNT is not authorized to make calls to this phone number" did not arouse any interest on the part of "enginneers/technicians" who clearly focused only on the routing of the call, in spite of the content of the error message, and could find nothing amiss during multiple tracking exercises from Tuesday through Friday.

Once again thanks for reading the forum and responding to my unique situation.

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