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credit on unused device


credit on unused device

how can I get credit on used device

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Re: credit on unused device


Re: credit on unused device

Yes we have a program called the sprint buy back.  The link is included. Hope that helps!


Re: credit on unused device


i'm at a frustration level with Sprint, that after 21yrs of personal and commercial accounts and services in 2 different states 4 different times, i am ready to go somewhere else. I probably was one of the biggest supporters of Sprint, and extremely verbal about it, even to competitors. When it was time for my contract renewal last Oct, I did line by line comparassons with each and every cell phone company, and did this at their stores, and was very upfront with them about what Sprint gave me, for what price, etc., etc. I would challenge them to "make me switch", Money wise, not one company could come close to a plan that was" all inclusive" with unlimited everything, inc., calling any mobiles, etc. Money ISN'T EVERYTHING!!! Its like eating out. I am willing to pay a bit more for something if the service is great. I wont return to ANY STORE, RESTAURANT, or ANY COMPANY, which now, unfortunately, looks to be including Sprint. So much has been changinng, & the "customer focused/customer satisfaction/customer first" way Sprint was focused, is disappearing. Very sad to see.

Re:CREDIT ON UNUSED DEVICE....I've always had 3 lines. In a nut shell, my 3rd line which was my dtrs became my step-sons. Back in March '10, he was allowed by a C.S. Rep to renew his line, AND bargined somehow a $75 credit for doing so. I was told i couldnt change it. I finally got it cut off in Nov/Dec but had to pay back the $75. Theres been a optionfull rebate($100)on that line for 2yrs,never used). A nice rep gave me options, i chose a $100 credit that i could use to upgrade a phone on line 1or2(but wouldnt get mail-in rebate if did before time), or for any accessory or product i choose. GUESS WHAT??? NO ONE CAN FIND ANY CREDIT ON MY ACCOUNT!!??? SURPRISE SURPRISE! THEY SEE EVERYTHING ELSE BUT THAT. JUST LIKE MY OTHER RECENT "ISSUE" THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOCUMENTED SO I COULD RETURN A DOCK AFTER 30DAYS DUE TO BEING HOSPITALIZED!! That has resulted in me being stuck with an expensive(disabled/retired FF/Paramedic/post 9/11 injury-fixed income)item that i CANT USE!! Thats another issue....,,.we wont go into why sprint wont release the 2.2upgrade yet sells new ones w/it

sorry so long, but i am an experienced, long term, dedicated Sprint customer, and feel like its all going down the toilet and i am not being treated as a Premier cust as i am!! samsung epic 4g(HA! 4g)3mo's old and doesnt work. phone tech support refers to online, online refers to store, store either keeps and loses it(they still have my charger-4wks. they were going to fix and call me)or refer you to insurance. insurance...DONT DO IT. YOU WILL NEVER GET A NEW PHONE IN GOOD WORKING ORDER EVER AGAIN. I went through it with my BB Tour. went through 6 different devices. each one they sent had glitches! i insisted on a new device. they promised and reassured they would send...NOT!!! So, i held on and delt with it until my anniversary.

I want to swap out my epic for the new one on their shelves and dont want to pay. or if i do, use my $100 credit. so incredibly disappointed

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