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customer service at retail store


customer service at retail store

Well this has to be the worst in "customer service" face to face.   After numerous sessions with chat support trying to get a Galaxy Tab (small) I finally figured I would go to the nearest retail store. I waited 15 minuyes and talked with a rep. After explaining that I wanted a 7 inch tablet, he said "ok, I will bring out the 10 inch model for you. I re-explained that I was not looking for an over-priced iPad similasr, I wanted the convenience of a smaller tablet.. The look on hbis face was typical of the salesperson getting the lesser priced sale. I was transformed into a minimal customer. I told him that I would like to come in the upcoming Friday to make the purchase and set up data service. He then Says, and get this.." I am off Friday, you can come in Saturday".  I laughed my ass off. I told him that Friday was the only day open. He grudginely went into a back room, came back out and told me "Tony can see you after 1 PM on Friday". Unbelievable!!! I asked him what time they opened on Friday. He sais eight am. I told hime I would be there at 9 AM, ready to spend $200.00 plus dollars, sign a 2 year data plan contract and there better be somebody there that wants to do business with me. I further explained to him that I do not make appointments to spend my money. No service, no sale. I asked him if there would be someone ther at 9 that could complete the sale....He then said yes...

I like sprint but their cusomer service people (online and in-store) need to realize that they (employees) are NOT doing us (customers) a favor. We are choosing nto do business with them. They dont want it? I will go elsewhere. I received this kind of BS from ATT..I left them and I can do the same with Sprint. Don't get me wrong.. I like sprint products and services... Their CS needs some work....

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