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customer service problems


customer service problems

i've never had a problem with getting my phone fixed until this past weekend. i have never been charged for a cracked screen and now i'm being charged $150 to have it fixed. this is the first time i've ever crack my screen and the phone was still working. i was having problems with my GS3 a couple of months prior to the broken screen problem. my phone was shutting off, the battery was always heating up, and it was always freezing. i took it to the sprint store numerous times and all they did was reset it back to the factory settings. they did not want to give me a new phone. finally this past weekend i cracked the screen and i wanted it repaired and i kept getting the run around with how much it was going to cost to get it fixed. i went to 6 different stores and 4 out of the 6 told me i wouldnt have to pay for the phones replacement. now im being told that i have to pay $150 because it has a cracked screen but thats not the big issue i have with this. My screen turned black before i had even cracked it and its stopped working completely! im getting frustrated with everyone giving me the run around. Sprint was aware of the phone issues i was having but refused to send me a new one. now that the screen took a dump, and it has a brand new crack on it, they will send me a new phone for $150. i've always had the best service from sprint and now, im looking at leaving sprint because they are giving me the run around and im still without a phone and its been 3 days. its very frustrating because everyone is so nice and then you have a few bad customer service reps that are no help and make things more difficult than they need to be. is anyone else having the same problem?


Re: customer service problems


Thank you for contacting us about this experience and we understand the frustration.  Local repair centers are required to perform all possible repairs under the manufacturer warranty guidelines for their devices.  If the repair center fails they do have the ability to order a refurbished replacement under this same warranty.  If the device has a cracked screen, physical damage, liquid damage, and/or corrosion this voids your warranty and which the device must be replaced under your insurance.  Asurion insurance coverage does require a deductible for all replacements which is determined based on your device retail price.  I understand how this can be concerning but I assure you we are not attempting to give you the run around but that the device can only be replaced under your insurance coverage.

Sprint Social Care Team


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