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customer service & retention/ false coverage areas/ Airave


customer service & retention/ false coverage areas/ Airave

So we just went into debt and bought our first house, moved in last Thursday. We walk through the front door and there is ZERO Sprint service. I checked with neighbors, and it's only Sprint having issues, their carriers are all working perfectly in the neighborhood. The phones constantly jump in and out of roaming all day long. We can't text and we can't call or receive calls.  We don't live in the countryside, we live in a suburb of a major city (zip 78250). Well we have looked over all the coverage maps to verify, and of course, we are smack dab in the middle of their coverage area. We have 3 different Sprint phones in the house, and none of them have service, so I know it's not just my Galaxy S2's antenna or something for example.  We can walk to the end of our driveway and make calls although we are still in roaming, yay!  Unfortunately we live in a gated community where we NEED to be able to receive calls to open the gate for deliveries, visitors etc via our phones.  Also I work from home and need my phone, my boyfriend is on 24 hour call with his Sprint Nextel work phone so he blatantly needs his phone.  One of the first conversations I had last Thurs with Sprint, the rep said there was an outage in our zip code. Clearly not, because as soon as got off the phone with her (at the end of my driveway), I called and spoke on the phone with a relative for an hour. My sister lives right up the road. maybe 2 minutes away, in a different neighborhood, and they have been having the exact same issue since November of last year!  Anyways, I spoke to customer service again today, because the supposed "outage" should have obviously been fixed but I still have no service.  This rep online also told me there is a new (or maybe the same) outage in that zip!  She also referred me to speak with some number to see if I could get a free Airave.  First off, I don't understand why we need an Airave at all given where we live, but I called the number. I got passed around all over the place and finally ended up, I don't know where. The rep was very nice but it quickly became infuriating. We live in a supposed coverage area, there are no questions at all, it's dark blue on the map, etc.  We pay Sprint $100 a month per phone line for said coverage. We moved to a new neighborhood, not to the Rocky Mountains. Every person who has stepped foot into our new house with Sprint phones, has had the exact same issue, and none of the phones are the same model. She said we don't qualify for a free Airave because we have good coverage in the area, and we need to pay $130 plus monthly fees for it.  Why the H- E- double hockey sticks should we have to pay an extra $130 when Sprint says they provide coverage to that area?  I've had sprint for almost three years now and have never had an issue till we moved.  I'm at my parents house in the boondocks right now and I have Sprint service, they don't even live in the city limits. I told her it felt like entrapment because she knows we NEED our phones for work- "pay $130 or you can just keep paying us $100 a month and have to walk down the street any time you want to use your phone".  I'm not currently under contract, but if I was, that's even worse! You have to pay the money for service YOU SHOULD ALREADY HAVE or you have to pay the contract termination fee. This is utter nonsense! She "checked" multiple times about getting a free one, and she said it can't be free because we have "multiple towers, only one was down or partially down, and we have good coverage".  No offense, but how would you know that? You are in a call center somewhere, I'm living in your lack- of- coverage area. I wouldn't be on the phone with your horrible customer service getting angry IF I had "good coverage", would I? So I asked her, what are we supposed to do? Are you telling us to switch carriers? (not that it's an option for his work provided Nextel, and his company sure as heck isn't going to pay the stupid Airave fee when we should already have service) Are you telling us we need to keep going outside into roaming territory and wait any time we are expecting or need to make a call to guarantee we can accomplish that? This is complete garbage, and it's a false representation of your coverage areas, and then you are telling us WE have to pay for YOUR equipment malfunctions/ shortcomings?? Are the brick and wood building materials of our home somehow too dense for your tower signals to penetrate on the NW side of town? On what planet, is that customer service or customer retention? Is anyone else having the same issues in San Antonio?

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