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dropping calls and not getting tm


dropping calls and not getting tm

We have been with sprint for over 10 yrs, for over a year now we have been having problems with our service, at first sprint kept telling us that it may be our phones, (wrong)

it's not just us as i see now.

we have contacted Sprint multiple times with no help, either they are very rude to you or you can';t understand what they are saying.  I the past 3 weeks we have been having dropped calls everytime we use our phones, and mind you we have 5 phones on our acct. My husband has multiple ticket number for our complaints and they keep telling us, it will be fixed in a couple day's, well where i"m from and couple of day's doesn't mean over a year.  \

It won't show i get a call it sends people sometime straight to my voicemail and then i might get the voice mail, in about 2 hrs after they call, missed my sister giving birth to my nephew because the call and tm never to this day have come through on my phone.  what is going on with sprint?  I feel I am getting half of what i pay for, so maybe I should only pay half my bill.....(but can't do that, then they will suspend you service, either way they have you right where they won't you.

they told us in feb they would have everything fixed and would be issueing credit to people well, now the service is worse and i have not seen any kind of credit, i believe i should at least get 4 months of free service on all my phones since i have been dealing with this issue for well over a year now.

This is a problem with sprint, not our phones, sprint has said it was on there end but do nothing to help, they get irritated everytime we call, we have over 10 problem tics with sprint and all they can say is it will be fixed tomorrow...Sprint please tell me and everyone else when your tomorrow is going to come>?????  Frustrated customer wanting to leave and change company's but can't due to the early term fees....I could have gotten a new phone, but have chossen not to because i don't want to b e stuck with this company for another 2 yrs.....Please can someone help

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