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extremely disappointed in Sprint


extremely disappointed in Sprint

I bought an Iphone4 and had never owned an apple product before. I always always always get insurance on my phone because when I had verizon it was once stolen and replaced because of the insurance. When I bought the phone they failed to add the insurance on to my plan. They also failed to tell me about applecare which the apple store informed me today is the first thing they are supposed to do. I had no idea there was such a thing until I discovered it online myself a couple days ago. Since I was never informed of this and since it's been too long I cannot add it to my phone. My phone dropped and cracked the entire screen. Since the people who sold it to me did not do their job I now have a useless phone and I have been out of work after just going through multiple surgeries so I cannot afford another phone or to get it fixed. Also when I called to ask about the insurance the employee couldn't give me a definitive answer as to whether or not I had it. Because of this I had get a ride and travel to the sprint store after having another .surgery to see if someone could give me any kind of straight answer. Essentially I got no help at all from either the kiosk or from the actual store itself who just kept trying to send my back to apple when they don't deal with sprint insurance. At this point I'm disgusted with Sprint, as is my husband, who was going to switch to Sprint when his contract with verizon was up. Clearly he is no longer going to join the Sprint network and I will not be renewing my contract. Obviously I should have just stuck with Verizon who replaced anything for any reason with their insurance plan, which they properly offered to their customers.

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