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foundmyiphone and bad ESN question

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foundmyiphone and bad ESN question

Hello! Sunday night I misplaced my phone and looked everywhere for it. I had stopped at a public bathroom and thought maybe I lost it in there. As a long shot I went to to check the findmyiphone (I wasn't sure if I'd enabled it or not). Well, it showed up in front of a friend's house whom we dropped off. I either dropped it around that area and someone picked it up or the "friend" (whom i don't actually know that well) has it. I've locked the device and tried sending a message with a contact number to have it returned to me but no luck.   I went to the friend's house and asked around just in case but no one knew where it was or was feeling honest or whatever so I left not knowing what else to do.

I'm going out of town on Thursday and not wanting to be without a phone I decided to purchase one off Craigslist to use in the meantime if and when I got my original phone back. Well, I tried activating it on Sprint today and it says the ESN is still active on someone else's account. *Sigh* I tried to activate it in front of the seller but couldn't remember what to dial to get Sprint directly from the phone so I went against my better judgement, paid the $200 and decided to activate it at home, which is when I was told about the ESN problem. Does anyone have any advice? I just would like to have a working phone, preferably by tomorrow night if possible. Either need to know how to get my old phone back or see if there's anything I can do with this one? Or am I just completely SOL, without a phone and out $200? Please help


Re: foundmyiphone and bad ESN question

I am so sorry about all that has happened. What I would suggest you do is to have the esn checked before you buy any device from any site from craigslists or ebay. You can always call customer service and get the esn verified or else go to this website and verify:


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