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iphone 5 can't receive incoming calls


iphone 5 can't receive incoming calls


we ported 4 iphones from att to sprint, 3 of 4 are all working fine.  The 4th can make calls, text, surf but any incoming go straight to VM.

It's not on Do not disturb, all settings appear correct  What can we do?  Any suggestions?



Re: iphone 5 can't receive incoming calls

Hello.  Not receiving calls after a recent port-in can be an indication that the port did not complete properly and will need to be "re-broadcast."  If the standard trouble shooting is not resolving the problem, I recommend calling our porting department at *2 from your Sprint phone or 888.211.4727 from a landline.  Ask for the porting department and have your port-in checked for errors and/or re-broadcast.  Standard trouble shooting: dial ##873283# and call, wait for the update to finish, turn your phone off for 2 minutes and retry.  

Tom Deaver

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