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made a mistake getting iphone


made a mistake getting iphone

well i had a prepaid for a really long time, and decided to finally start paying my own bill to establish some sort of credit or something

at the time of the iphone purchase i was working over 50 hours and making about 300 dollars a week so  paying my bill was NO problem

i signed the 2 year contract, thinking i would be able to keep this going

i have since lost that job and am now making a lot less than i was at the time of the purchase, i have a few other bills to pay

i'm 20 years old and have things to take care of, and my phone is something i need to take care of

i haven't missed a payment, but i don't think i can afford the iphones plan anymore

i was wondering if it were possible to switch to an older model phone that isn't iPhone so my bill is less money


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Re: made a mistake getting iphone


Thank you for the post. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Its never good when you lose money. There are options, such as dropping to a lower price plan, or going to a feature phone. Having a smart phone causes you to be on specific plans due to the constant data being used.


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