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new charge for spending limit


new charge for spending limit

i am totally UPSET at the fact sprint all of a sudden decides to now charge $4.99 for a service THEY have chosen to give sprint customers.

I have been a customer for 9 years now

and if sprint thinks they can just out of the blue start charging for something that has been on my account for NINE years because they want to, is Way out of Line

If this charge isnt exempt or I have the option to REMOVE this spending limit withOUT giving them the right to take whatever they want to charge out of my banking account.  A letter to the corporate offices AND the better business burea will be written!

we are not given any option or warning that 5 dollars is going to be charged to us for NOTHING!!!!  this doesnt cost sprint a cent to have this spending limit thing.  if it did, then we would have been charged for it NINE years ago!!
im very very upset

and of course doing the contact link, you end up with an automated response that is copy n pasted from a support base.

im OVER this!

ive had my rounds with sprint for the past nine years and this is the final straw for me!

looks like ill be doing a lot of upscale calling next week when the ceo's are off their nice weekend from adding extra charges to their customers.

im sure verison will appreciate my business and not hit me with unexpected charges.


Re: new charge for spending limit

I am sorry that you feel this way .  Sprint actually posted announcments on customers bills upto 2 months prior to this change they also sent a letter to homes in january before the new fee took affect  and at that time customers had the option to stay or  go . their are actually regarding this topic . The only advice i can offer is to try and call them and have them review the credit to see if they will remove the limit based on your credit and payment history. I do not guarentee this will work however it is worth the chance.

hope this helps


Re: new charge for spending limit

appreciate the information

i get my bill thru the eco thing, never once saw this charge soon to happen or i would have stopped it

being a customer for Nine years, you'd think they would do more then just put it in fine print

or, even charge us in the 1st place

we dont get anything extra..NOTHING, however they get an extra 60bux a year!

verizon is definitely looking better


Re: new charge for spending limit

You are an idiot. If you post on a blog, then you can read a blog. And they gave a SIX MONTHS heads up on this. And they waive the charge if you bothered to read how to. Now run along and go piss off more people somewhere else because ofyour own ignorance and tone of context.


Re: new charge for spending limit

well for one, i had to search for this FORUM, not a blog

and i will be contacting them

im sure im not the only one seeing this new charge for NOTHING!

so...ya can kiss the buttocks and go harass another


Re: new charge for spending limit

this is just my humble statement. from what i heard they did do everything possible to get their customers aware of the new charges. how ever, i also know that a lot of people dont read the bills or any thing else that comes in the mail. they just think it is junk mail and toss it away. so it is not sprints fault if you dont read the notices that sprint sends out to you!


Re: new charge for spending limit

reason most dont read the mail when it comes in because sprint and other companies are too busy to get you to buy MORE

and usually it's things you do not want, so aka..Junk Mail

just last week had a telemarketer call me, claim to be from sprint, trying to upsell me

first..IF sprint wants me to buy more they dont contact me thru a 800 number and only know 1/2 of my information

and two, with all the scams going on now a days, i sure as hell was not going to say ok to someone whom i couldnt prove who they say they are.

i was just informed per email, i have to do the automatic payment thing

NO ONE is going to take Anything from my account without my knowledge, especially when they throw in extra fees!!!

and yes..sprint has done this before to me, and probably many other customers, hence the reason verizon is now more popular then sprint is

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