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no coverage at my house, or town


no coverage at my house, or town

Was just sold two new phones and a new plan, then when I tried to activate realized (after troubleshooting and then looking at the coverage map) that there is NO reception, NO data, and only roaming voice here at my house. The zip code is 97324, I am less than a mile from the town.

We were previously on Verizon and getting consistent 3g here, no problem.

If there's no coverage for my area, why did they sell me this? They said it would be fine! And how do I either fix this, or switch back and return all this- if I can't even use  the phones, there is no point in having them!


Re: no coverage at my house, or town

Sorry for the inconvenience. I checked your coverage based on zipcode  and Sprint don't have  any coverage at that location.If you have purchased this device and are  within 14 days, I would suggest you to return the phone/s to the Point of Sale(POS).


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