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note 7 upgrade wifi calling

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note 7 upgrade wifi calling

I got my new replacement note 7, happy! and the new wifi calling update came and now i have wifi calling but the texting does not work on my note 7. any help on this? Thanks  LOVE MY PHONE!!


Re: note 7 upgrade wifi calling

i figured it out myself.. you have to disable the wifi calling totally to get it back to cell service other wise it stays in wifi mode even if you shut it off... that is a samsung update issue they will need to fix and you can not text while using wifi calling with the note 7... be sure to disable wifi calling from the options wheel and look down on the screen it say deactivate wifi calling, then your phone will work again, had to figure it out myself because Samsung and spring had no clue, the answer they gave was to factory reset, which does not remove updates from Samsung, but is a total waist of your time for most fixes

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