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overcharged, bad customer service, nexus s issues sprint refuses to permenatly fix.


overcharged, bad customer service, nexus s issues sprint refuses to permenatly fix.

Ok my first issue correct me if I'm wrong but on a family plan aren't the first two phones included in the base pay and the extra phones added be charged $19.99? If so my BILLS show a $19.99 fee for two of the tree lines I have? Next berry to pick I purchased two samsung nexus s Dec 21,2011 and in the middle of May these phones recieved the Andriod 4.0 upgrade ( please not I have a tablet running the Andriod 4.0 and it doesn't have any problems) and almost 8 hours later my phone started showing upgrade rejection I call it. The symptoms both phones experienced within hours of each other are auto rotate freezing in landscape mode, apps force closing, random restarts, slower internet, my signal sucks now for phone calls and internet including 4G, and lastly the phones will sit on the charger til completly charged and mysteriously dies within two hours. three days going by it was time to visit sprint so I go to an independant sprint store to be told the battery callibration was off and that they reset my battery. Yeah right it can't be done and we physically watched them take it behind a glass wall show it to some associates and then start talking taking 30 mins of my time just to take the battery out and hand the phone qround put the battery back in and return them to me.  So knowing that no work was done we headed to a corporate store and told them the situation then they clarify what I already knew which was a lie. The write out a service ticket they take the phones and troubleshoot it which leaves us 2 hrs without a phone. We return to get our phone from the doctor to be told nothing seems wrong with the phone or the battery that's triple bull. They say if the problem contiues then return back, well two days later we are back phones still shows all symptoms of upgrade rejection.We say goodbye to our phones for another 2 hrs ( my husbands newly gotten job is now on the line missing his phone call to say he needs to be at work the next day, oh yea its a on call position resulting in a no call no show THANKS SPRINT) to return to the words its the phone we order new ones which are on back order for a week return to pick up the new ones. We return and get the same phone which looks like a refurbished one told they should work fine. Within the next 4 hours the phones automatically upgrade to 4.0 and the next morning the symptoms are starting to show!!!  We take the phones in two days later and they then try to convience me that the upgrade as not caused this issue which I know otherwise associate then looks at the battery settings and see that ANDROID is using upto 80% of the battery. He then says there is nothingwe can do a battery wont help it and giving you another one will not help so just purchase one out right or by a preowned one. I said why should I if my phone is under warranty its only been almsot 5 months. His response is you can see if your elgiable for a earlier upgrade by calling CS. So I call and they lady tells me that I haven't had the account long enough thats understandable. She says the same thing the guy said at the store but was slightly nicer about it. So some days pass still with the same symptoms my bill comes its $300 thats a problem becase it should be less than $230. Ilook at the bill and i have a charge for $36 for an upgrade fee so I call CS to get it removed and the guy clearly thinks I'm lying. He starts playing 21 question about my newest line, questions like are you sure its not the upgrade how long have you had it who uses the phone. Really!!!!! He then puts me on hold for 45 mins and says its been credited. Phones still showing the same sypmtoms til this very day June 8 I call CS and give it another try getting no where I call Samsung and the guy was very polite he said I'll email you a fed ex return stamp send it to us and will check it and it will take two weeks he says here is the number to two sprint stores in our system that shows they can give you a loner phone for the time. So I call and speak to a rude supervisor at both stores they both rudely tell me your just gunna be without a phone or you will purchase a new one to use. The icing on the cake she then says you can pay to  temporary suspend your services til you get the phone. Now I'm stuck with this phone til 2013 Dec. About these loner phones your guys are whinning about the phone would be attached to your account and your name so charge their bill for the phone. People are not stealing them because you can't pawn them any sprint phone for that matter and you wouldnt be able to sale it because the phone would be locked into your account until the account is paid off.

I have had every phone carrier I was with at&t while they where cingular under my dads account which is where he remains. I've had verizion who gets you service where most carriers can't. I had T-mobile till their data paln changed. I had a boost mobile, virgin mobile didn't like the monthy cards. I've never gotten the run around with any of them like I am with Sprint. Even on at&t my brothers phone was stolen and they terminated the line with no fee and told my dad they will reinstate the number for free and he could get a phone using the upraged prices with no upgrade fee or activation fee. Iwant to know whats the issue here you are selling phones for high prices and giving crappy service. If my deposit wasn't $750 a line at at&t id be with them atleast I know i'll get my money worth.



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