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payment arrangement


payment arrangement

Sprint is gonna lose lots of customers due to the payment arrangement change..some

people run into hard times and can't pay the whole bill but now if you don't honor the first

Arrangement your service is gonna be interrupted...I don't think that's fair to the loyal customers

I mean what's the problem as long as they keep the amount due down to a minimum sprint should work with them...

What made them change? I think its a stupid decision to make in this sort of business!!


Re: payment arrangement

Least they will work with you, never could get an arrangment with t-mobile.


Re: payment arrangement

From a business perspective, no offense, but those aren't the customers Sprint (or any other business) is worried about losing.

It's unfortunate if you've fallen on hard times and I'm sorry you're having to deal with that.  However, people also need to realize a cell phone is a luxury, not a need.  You can have unlimited house phone calling plans (local) for under $25 in most places still.  If that's not an option for you, depending on the phone you have and the plan you're on, maybe selling your smartphone and downgrading to a standard phone with a minimal plan might make things more affordable until you get back on your feet again.

The bottom line is that Sprint isn't a credit card.  You either pay in full monthly or you lose the privilege.

Re: payment arrangement

Sprint does work with you, just give them notice.

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