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pointless credit limit


pointless credit limit

I been with sprint for past 4 month have a 150 dollar credit limit this month money tight paid off only about 70 of my 103 dollar bill. so my december bill comes out with the remaining 33 added to it totaling 125 dollar . i'm 25 under my credit limit and i been making a payment every friday past two weeks but they still shut me off saying credit limit don't matter your past due we shut you off. and someone else who has sprint told me they will also add a re activation fee to my account due to being shut off over 33 dollars. wonder if anyone else thinks this is just wrong and bad customer service?



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pointless credit limit

Marc - I apologize that you haven't been told how to avoid this. If you ask the representative how much is "past due" and give them a date when that amount will be paid off - they then enter a payment delay in the system and you have no collection hassles. It is the ageing on the old balance that triggers a suspension. First line reps can enter this extension - you don't even have to e transferred to financial services. If this was a first time incident they should also find a way to credit any fees for reconnection.


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