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question about the iphone 4


question about the iphone 4

if i got an iphone that a sim card slot would i be able to use it in sprint?

my cousin gave me his iphone 4 nd it was being used in sprint but now it doesnt have a sim card

so i ws wondering if i would be able to use the iphone 4 with a sim card slot for sprint??

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Re: question about the iphone 4

that *has a sim card slot.. nd also my cousin had it and was being used in *at&t


question about the iphone 4

The answer is no.  ATT operates on GSM in the US, while Sprint operates on CDMA.  So, the phones are not cross compatible between those networks.  In addition to having internal parts that work on CDMA, Sprint also uses the SIM slot to allow the phone to operate on GSM as a world phone.  But, long story short, you cannot use an ATT phone on Sprint service.

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