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sprint steals your money if you leave but pretends not to.


sprint steals your money if you leave but pretends not to.


After over 10 years with Sprint, I left for another carrier.  I called the last day of my billing period to cancel while waiting for my number to port to a new carrier and was told that I wouldn't be charged any additional amounts.  I called again 5 days later to confirm my account was closed.  The CSR also said that I would not be charged any additional monies (as my contract was completed) even though the number ported 1 day into the next billing cycle. As I'm thorough with my financial dealings, I confirmed that I understood the CSR to say that I was not to be charged any more monies. I even wrote notes on my second to last bill(the one that was in hand at the time).  After that I was happy about having been with Sprint for so long and even considered, that when I could, I'd come back to Sprint in the future. 

Well, after receiving a final bill in the mail, some 3 weeks later, I was charged for the next billing cycle (even though the Customer service agent said I wouldn't because I was such a good and loyal customer).  I also noticed my charge bank account was charged 4 weeks after talking with Sprint for the amount on the final bill.

I just called Sprint and the Customer service reps, ignored my explanation and any previous loyal relationship we had, and said Sprint was owed a full billing cycle with no prorations.  I told them they never said that on the two previous calls I had, and that those calls were on good terms.  They said the previous reps did not enter any notes.....only that "call to confirm closed account".  They also ignored the fact that I had my own notes.  It's dis-heartening to see such training failure on the part of the first Customer service reps and even more so on the new reps that ignore a prior customer's concerns and focus on their own lacking notes.  Even after speaking with a supervisor, the supervisor said their hands were tied.  A company's customer service "hands" are never tied and can do the right thing, but it seems like Sprint's training their CSRs to ignore customers.  Shame on Sprint.

I even saw that Sprint sponsored some ads on the THE BIBLE on the HISTORY CHANNEL and was impressed.  This was before I received my bill and bank statements.  Now all I see is a company sticking their hands into the customers' pockets while they aren't looking.  Shame on you Sprint.  After so many years of decent to happy Sprint service, I am disappointed that I have to share my experience with my friends who are Sprint customers.

A close friend shared a similar "leaving Sprint" experience, so this isn't new for Sprint.  At the time, I didn't believe Sprint would do such a thing.  Sprint just continues to steal money of loyal customers that have gone beyond their contract dates.


Re: sprint steals your money if you leave but pretends not to.

Hey there lngtimeNupsetwSprint,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I do not like that you feel this way or that you have had this experience. I would like to take a look at your account to see what is going on and to see what I can do to help you with these concerns. Please private message me with your account number and pin code or answer to your security question. I will pull up your account and get back to you shortly. If you have dates when you called in that would help as well.

Thanks so much. Talk to you soon.


Sprint Social Media Care


Re: sprint steals your money if you leave but pretends not to.

Sorry to hear, but this is very common. I never give a company my debit or credit card number. I keep a prepaid debit just to pay bills online.

Because computers to make mistakes. And getting your money back that is needed for some other expense. Is like

pulling teeth out of a croc.  And its not just with sprint, its with all of the. "We are sorry we made the mistake. But since you have a contract and you will be paying your

bill anyway. We will just leave it on your account" Well aren't they f-ing merciful.

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