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stolen phone


stolen phone

My son had an htc evo 3D phone until some one stole it. But the thing i dont understand is that he cant upgrade until nov.2013. ive still paid the monthly bill so i want be charged an early termation fee. it seems like in a case like this sprint would work with their customers and help them get a new phone after all my son didnt ask for some theif to still his stuff but he's the one without a phone. and ive paid for that phone several times over again by paying for a phone that no one has used in months and got 6 more to go. atleast give a realistic option like give them the early upgrade so they can be using the service they are paying with a 2year contract but add like $20 dollars amonth to their bill until its their orginal upgradr date. because stuff happens in life u cant allows control but u learn to compremize not get offended because some dont like the phone they just signed a contract on to usr for 2 years b4 they got to try it out. there always needs to be a little give and take in all good relations weather business or personal. Thanks for your time. hey maybe sprint could offer a replace rentel


Re: stolen phone

i meant to say offer a phone replacement rentalsprint rents u the phone of your choice until your upgrade date then  on that date u stop paying rent on it and that phone becomes your upgrade phone. its a win win sitution with the 2 year contract renewal of course.


Re: stolen phone

Hi Cindymccollum,

Thanks for visiting Sprint Community forum regarding an issues with your son's device. I am sorry to hear that the device was stolen and want to present you with some options you may not have previously considered. We understand theft is an unforeseen event which is why customers are encourage to purchase TEP. TEP allow customers to protect their devices in the event it is lost, stolen, broken, or physically damaged. If you don't current subscribe to TEP, you may consider purchasing a certified pre-owned device and these devices are available via Certified pre-owned devices do not require your line to upgrade eligible. Another option you may consider is purchasing an early upgrade. Your account will need to be reviewed offline to determine if this this option is available. Please feel free to send me a private message, and I will gladly review your account. In your private message, please include your request, phone number in question, and PIN.

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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