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switched to sprint from verizon...baaad move


switched to sprint from verizon...baaad move

Why after almost a year with my EVO do I still have no 4g signal. I thought I was getting it first, now my brother with his thunderbolt, and my uncle with his sensaation flaunt, while I'm barely pulling .50 mbps dl.speeds. I will leave if I get no answers , I'm tired of hearing, its coming, of were not sure, or now they're talking with lightsquared for LTE technology come on. I'm in the metro Detroit area and it SUX

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switched to sprint from verizon...baaad move

I know how frustrating the wait for WiMax can be. Especially when we're unable to release the specifics on timeframe for a specific location. I can tell you that there are legal reasons that it must be done this way, and before WiMax is officially available in your area the towers will be turned on and tested. During this time 4g connections can be made. There are some 4g maps that are entirely generated by the end users of the 4G service. Our 4G has not been officially launched in Detroit but if you want to check for coverage generated by users before it's officially launched, I know of one such site: I hope this helps!!


switched to sprint from verizon...baaad move

Thanks, I discovered sensorly awhile ago and it seems inaccurate at best. I also have picked up a 4g signal in very small areas here and there, I hope that is not it?? I hope the coverage will be much more broad than what is available at the moment. They've been "testing" some of these towers since march. Why no official launch yet. And what is this news of lightsquared LTE now?

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