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tell me what i need to do


tell me what i need to do

my service was disconnected due to nonpayment this morning...i have made payment arrangements because i couldnt cut it this month...i have posted another thread in regards to not having any service in my home...the response i got was the towers blah blah blah...get an airwave blah blah blah...

ok what tower works 5 houses down yet does not work at mine and my neighbors houses??? my friend down the road has sprint which works fine until she comes up here...literally 5 houses away...

i was told to get the airwave...ok i am paying multiple times a month to try and play catch up for phones that do not even work...i put one on suspension, yet they charge you for that too...

there is no winning...when i mentioned verizon(for no one around here has a problem anywhere with it) i was told to check the coverage map===guess what im supposed to be able to make calls with confidence...ummmm no...

but the rep told me to check verizon which has strong signal on street level...

someone help me, i cant call *2 without my call dropping...


tell me what i need to do

Since Customer No-Service hasn't been able to help let me try, but first I need to translate from CS speak to plain English. CS: "Well, you could get an air-rave" Plain English: "Well, you could get this additional device, spend more and extend your contract and then you could fix our problem for us."  YEEAAAAAAAAAH!

Sprint Product Ambassador

tell me what i need to do

Sounds like you are on top of working with customer care to get your account sorted out.

Regarding your coverage -- it happens.  There's a house around the corner from me that has zero service. You can get 1-2 bars at either house next door, but not that house.  The Airave is a good solution, that will enable you to get 5 bars of signal in your house.  I use one at my house so I can get full coverage anywhere in the house.  Before the Airave, I'd get 1-2 bars upstairs and none in the basement.

To check an accurate view of your coverage with Sprint, you can put your full address in at then zoom all the way into street level. 



Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

tell me what i need to do

i super concur.  had to make a payment this morning cos they cut the service for not keeping with the arrangement.  my husband said not to pay a penny. thank goodness i made a miniscule payment for my daughter called home ill from school.

its  too frustrating. the financial service guy said he was noting my account because he noticed it first hand. i told him people do not want to call us anymore. no lie. he said i can see why.

thanks for writing me!!! so i am not alone am i???


tell me what i need to do

hello, i believe you responded(well i take that back, i know)yesterday to my first thread. though i do not know if you recall.

on street level coverage map of SPRINT i am good---which means i can make calls safely outside and with confidence indoors...really?

my friend has sprint down the road and said it works fine until our house(5 houses down)and our neighbors house..then two more houses down there is signal i checked...sure as my name is helena it was true...

did sprint work this out so that i HAVE TO buy an airwave thing? cos this just seems too odd..

also when i talked to financial services the gentleman(who was super nice)told me it could be a random person responding to my thread. I said no it said sprint he suggested that i chat with someone in technical support on here because that way it is noted, and it is surely a sprint representative. 

though i can not doubt that you are, but i am so sorry, i used to work for sprint(in store)bellsouth(call center) etc. we were trained not to just sell stuff but to listen to what a person is saying.

yesterday you told me to use the street coverage map after i even gave my zip code.  it is not hard at all for you to do that as well.  so when writing your response you may need to dig further before selling.

also yesterday you told me that you were only miles away from a tower but still had no signal so you got the airwave thing. would that not tell you something? close to a tower, no service or you bounced from that tower and lost signal.  so which is it-no service or a couple of bars?

i am trying to maintain a calmness to this sitaution and i am sorry that this is against your responses but i thought a csr would put a smidge more time before giving a generic answer...

please do not post to my page(s) any longer. if you want to, you may escalate this to your supervisor.  thank you for my time.

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