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two billing cycles in one month bill


two billing cycles in one month bill

I called Sprint so I can getb an understanding of why my bill had to billing cycles on it. When I spoke to a representative a week and a half ago, I asked her to send me a spreadsheet of my bill. When I received my bill , I also got phone records which bought me to the reason to call Sprint Customer Care. I marked where I called and counted five times to receive my bill. When I was calling *3 ,I got billed $40.73.  The first person I spoke to was Colton and he explained to me the reason why my bill had two billing cycles on it was because the bill got reconnected in between a cycle. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and then spoke to Jamal. When I spoke to Jamal, I told him understanding the way Sprint has it set up why is it set up like that. Jamal then explained to me that I had to wait til the next bill due date before receiving my prorated cycle for the previous month. After hanging up, I came to the realization that I never got billed for the month of March. So I called back, I spoke Alexis, a representative, her professionalism was horrible. I explained to her that I had previously spoke to Jamal, a senior specialist, and I wanted to speak to another senior specialist if possible. She then asked what was the reason I was calling and I explained to her and then she said," Give me a moment while I generate your bill." I said, "Okay, but I already know why my bill is the way it is but I just have one more question to ask a supervisor." She totally ignored what I said anf continued to do what she was doing so when she came back and started explaining that I said, "I already know this; Can I speak to a senior specialist?" She said, "Who is that?" I said, "A supervisor." She put me on a brief hold for three minutes, came back to the phone and repeated the same exact statement she told me about my billing cycle she told me when she reviewed my bill. She also stated that was what her supervisor told her to tell me. Then I asked to speak to another representative. She told me to hold on while she get me a representative. I waited fifteen minutes to be connected to a representative then she came back to the phone and told me that the supervisor was on a call and talk to my as soon as possible. So 35 whole miutes go by and she finally connected me to Latasha who said she was a supervisor. When Latasha got on the phone, she said that she had spoke to Alexis and Alexis explained to her I didn't know why my bill was high. That was totally incorrect. I never explained to Alexis why I was calling this time but it was concerning the double billing cycle. I told her I was calling this particular time to see why I didn't get billed in March since when I previously spoke to Jamal he told me I had to wait til my next bill due date. She said that I didn't receive a bill March 14 (giving me this specic date) because the computer didn't generate a bill for the month of March. So I asked when I previously went without paying the bill before in a previous month , my bill for the next billing cycle continued in which I paid $399.69. So when my phone get disconnected I'll have to wait 56 days to get a bill?


cmelson_28, please accept our apologies for the customer service experience. I'd be happy to assist you with your billing, please reply to the private message I sent you.

Sprint Social Care Team.
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