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viewing daily data usage


viewing daily data usage

What happened to the 'daily data usage' that was provided previously? The bar charts now shown provide NO DETAIL.

I've received notification that we are close to our data limit. That has NEVER happened unless we are traveling... but we haven't been traveling. We've been doing NOTHING unusual: meaning we rarely use our phones for data access when not on wifi.

Sprint: you used to provide a chart showing DAILY data usage. Where is that????

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Re: viewing daily data usage

Hello ngwagoner. You will not be able to see daily or detailed data usage, but you will be able to visualize a total amount of the data that has been used on your plan, by visiting and log in >  From My Sprint tab select Usage > Scroll down to the device/phone number you wish to see the unbilled usage for > Select Show details > Data. We can also check your account to check your plan, please feel free to reply to the private message that I'll send you.

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Re: viewing daily data usage

The usage bar that you mention is useless - it provides no additional information than just printing the actual numbers.

The daily data usage stats were available previously... why did you remove them? All 'utility' type services provide daily metered history.

It is NOT acceptable to me to pay for something that you do not provide details for. 

I do NOT believe the usage that you have reported for my account is accurate. We are long-time customers and our usage does not vary significantly unless we are traveling - which we have NOT been doing.

I will be checking the other cell service providers to see how they present their billing data; you don't have a monopoly yet.

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