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what a galactic mess, part IV.


what a galactic mess, part IV.

i'll just do numbers since that's what Sprint, Co. only sees when they contend with loyal customers like me. Since 1999 with the then-newest Samsung flip phone.

that's 14, you techies.

bought S3, retail price in 10/2012.

problems with S3 occurred late 2/2013.

went to the downtown san francisco mission street on 3/17/2013 and was contended with abysmal service and accusations of dishonesty and zero resolution for the S3 had demonstrated unpredictable power cycle downs (less than six months after retail-price purchase), headphone jack was jacked and port issues. obviously. olivia, god bless her soul, was the very best practiced in this service job complete with eye rolling. FOUR HOURS OF HELL at two SF stores then redirected to customer care while IN STORE. >roll eyes<

3/18/2013, a saint, finally, in san jose replaced my brand new with a refurbished. thanks darwin.

3/27/2013, headphone jacked off again.

4/4/2013, st. darwin refurbished the refurbished (counting so far? that's why it's called S3).

4/15/2013, >sigh< power cycles down again. then again.

4/27/2013, 3AM, went online versus 'in line' and got the S4 for another chance. Paid retail price. again.

4/28/2013, phone, online, in-store for a simple task request--can i get a new number in anticipation of something brand new?

4/30/2013, the day of activation. SEVERAL HOURS of self- then sprint-troubleshooting.

5/1/2013, three phone numbers later, call me, it's mobile-to-mobile, so it's free: 4159481490 or 4153127900.

CANCELED services and reps conveyed 5/18/2013 as our last tango. and Lisa called the corporate sprint store for me to expected grace at this point to accept RETURN despite online purchase.

STORE, processed the return and now sprint owes me $1200+. And please take this message as a 3 day notice to pay and quit all services and charges henceforth. By that time, you can call me on my new phone number with T-Mobile on a monthly, not an abusive contract, bill because I can. obviously. but if you want to call before the third day, please find a number that will ring my phone.

oh and i also have a video of my lonely S4 put on "hold" by a Samantha for THREE HOURS on 5/1/2013. because if there's no picture, then it didn't happen. or for the kids: POIDH.

I computed. Obviously there's some 'loss' in all of this. PM me for videos, photos, documentations and receipts. I trust now you know my account number at least. And my pin. And the many departments that I'm now so familiar with and the policies and procedures. When I don't even work there.

somebody warehouse used my card and billed my card twice. so fraud alerted and card closed. send the check and that's why a credit of $584, hopin' i wouldn't notice such a thing, with addtional $650 comin' your way. pay up, sprint. expedite it. i got bills to pay on time as i have been timely and executively for the last 14 years.

i'm also billing you for the $20 port fee i did with google voice, the one so easy, yet failed to do gloriously.


Re: what a galactic mess, part IV.

because caring is sharing.

and knowledge is power.

california customers and other states with similar codes, when reps speedily say something about "recording," you can also return the question after you give consent. *all parties must consent to being recorded.

CA Codes (pen:630-638)

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