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why was my rebate denied?


why was my rebate denied?

The postcard said "puchase & postmark date are outside the guidelines of this offer."  I don't think so.  The purchase was handled at a corporate store and they handled all the paperwork.

"For further information log into sprintrebates."  Did that and there was no additional information.  Just a bunch of generic information about all the different reasons you would be denied your rebate.  And a terse bit at the end about where you could re-submit.  Nothing about getting more details or on how to appeal.

Does the rebate outfit get to keep my $100 when they deny the rebate or does Sprint?


Re: why was my rebate denied?

Sorry to hear about your rebate issues..Please contact rebates directly at

(800) 477-4127 .

Thank you

Jeff Bratcher

Sprint Tech

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