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your pre owned devices are lame


your pre owned devices are lame

Ive looked at what you have to offer pre owned and I am dissapointed but not surprised. The worst part is that the "better" pre-owned phones that you carry are NEVER in stock. Its really sad and Im not sure why you guys bother when we can go to ebay and get a pre owned iphone 4 for roughly $169 instead of the $449 that you charge at sprint. In addition I NEVER buy and accessories for my phones from sprint due to the extreme high cost of a case or charger. I go to amazon or ebay and buy for less. You guys should be embarrassed that you are pushing this stuff for such a high price.

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Re: your pre owned devices are lame

Of course you can buy used cheaper elsewhere. Of course accessories are high priced. This is not news.

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