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4G LTE & Hawaii


4G LTE & Hawaii


I purchased a Galaxy Nexus almost a year ago now expecting service to come to hawaii by the end of the year.  That time has come, and I haven't heard anything on Sprint's plans to rollout LTE in Hawaii.

I feel ripped off because I pay for a data package that includes 4G but I can't use it...Even my old HTC EVO could at least use 4G with WiMax.  My main gripe is that I've been paying for data service that's really only partially available...for almost a year.  I gave Sprint the benefit of the doubt that they would come through, but I feel like this is not the case.  Even the 3G service has been suffering horribly, with extremely slow rates in places with very good reception -- for example, Honolulu Airport!  I can't even use 3G service there because it's so damn slow!

I've been with Sprint for over 10 years now, including the early days when Sprint just bought out PrimeCo.  I'm starting to think it's time to move on...Can you please tell me when LTE will be available in Honolulu?


Re: 4G LTE & Hawaii

Hello wl79,

Thanks for your Community post inference to concerns regarding 4G LTE roll out to Honolulu. We appreciate your continued patronage and your years of dedicated service.  No official announcement has been made regarding the launching of 4G LTE in Honolulu, however you may check for updates via

Thanks for your time.

Yahkie W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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