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Why does Sprint offer this "insurance".?

I have sent in the paperwork twice, have confirmation on my fax and yet no response. I had to purchase another Phone to be able to conduct business. This is not Acceptable.  They make the process impossible. Scam.

Sprint should be responsible for the products they offer, So Sprint how are you going to help make this right, since you sold and charge me for this "service" every month?

Asurion  does not even send new phones, they are old "refurbished" phones.



Asurion is an insurance provider who provides the same service offer through all the major carriers. The carriers themselves have no say in their business practice at all. When you sign up for Asurion you agree to their terms and how their service works and what they offer, a reconditioned phone is not any worse than a new phone save for the fact a new phone comes off an assembly line and will not be checked for problems vs. a reconditioned device that is tested after being fixed. If you have an issue with Asurion you need to call them and talk to a rep, if you feel unhappy then ask for a supervisor. Once again you could be with any carrier right now and have the same issue with Asurion and it’s still not the carriers fault. If you do not agree with Asurion then do not pay for their services and should you lose, damage, etc your device don’t get angry that you have to buy a new device at your expense that is no different than home, car, etc insurance.

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