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Anyone else think the upgrade for family phones is a ripoff?


Anyone else think the upgrade for family phones is a ripoff?

I have been a Sprint Customer for going on ten years.  We have the family plan and I am a "premier" customer, which basically is a catch phrase to make you think you get more than you do.

Only my number the PTN is eligible for a yearly upgrade, and be warned it seems that the "free phones" are the ones about to be phased out or upgraded, so Sprint gets you with extending your contract for what pretty much equals an "older" phone.

One daughter made the mistake of getting the Samsung Rant last year, in August, from about month three forward the phone has been crap.  She is not eligible for an upgrade until 2012, I was told I can put it on my PTN but then I won't be eligible for an is a catch 22.  If she does pay full price for the new HTC or whatever the name is it will still extend the contract for two years...I simply don't get it...

My other daughter paid FULL PRICE for her phone and they still extended the contract out two years from the date she paid FULL PRICE for her it was explained to me that the contract period covers the price of the phone, so if she paid FULL PRICE, why was the contract is all a rip off..

I am seriously considering paying the cancellation fee, starting over, or simply going to AT & T and get an iPhone if I pay full price for the phones there, there is no 2 year contract...makes sense.  I am paying for the phone so there is no phone cost to work off.

Just aggravates me..the phones are not designed to last two years, the only one I ever had that lasted two years was my Nextel was built like a truck, the others are frill and fluff...

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