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Breaking Contract without paying ETF


Breaking Contract without paying ETF

Recently I was given a business phone to use. Now I don't need to keep my sprint phone. My family and I have been costumers for over 11 years. I just want to cancel my one line. Is there anyway to cancel without paying the crazy ETF? I mean Sprint is making a lot of money off the 3 remaining lines and we've been there so long. Or even if there is a way to knock the ETF to like $100?? Any suggestions or insight would be great thanks.


Re: Breaking Contract without paying ETF site talks about how much you would pay for an ETF depending on the length of time remaining on the contract. To see about canceling the line and returning the device without an ETF, call 8882114727 and ask customer care to transfer you to Account Services. They don't have a direct number. Only Account Services can waive any ETF's or what not.

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