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Can I get an early phone upgrade?

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Can I get an early phone upgrade?

I took my phone into a Sprint service center AGAIN for about the 4th time in less than a year. I have a Blackberry Curve that keeps breaking. 1st time I took it in for a broken track pad/keyboard in September 2011, they kept my phone for about 3 weeks and then decided to give me a new one because I have insurance. The 2nd time I had to take my phone in was in October 2011 for a swelling battery because there was a short in my phone. 3rd time I took my phone in was for a 2nd battery that was swollen. And the 4th time, just yesterday, I got my phone looked at because my navigaiton wasn't working since I got my replacement phone in September. They took a look at my phone and said it was a software problem and that I'd have to pay $100 for a replacement phone which I KNOW is going to break just like all of my others that I have owned. So basically I am stuck paying for a Sprint Navigation service that I can't use.

So here's my dilemma... I am moving to Los Angeles in 10 days and I need a phone that is reliable and has working navigation and does not die every 2 hours. My upgrade is literally 30 days from now and they say I can either pay $100 for a new unreliable phone, or move with my unreliable phone and wait for my upgrade which does not seem fair. Especially since I have been a sprint customer for 8 years and am paying for the most expensive plan they have.

Is there anyway that I can get around this and get an early upgrade? Can I complain that there is a software defect in my current phone?


Re: Can I get an early phone upgrade?

Telesales can approve and process upgrade 12 days early but I do not know of any other way.


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