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Error Code # 67


Error Code # 67

Have no Idea what is happening I can make phone calls but that is it with my Samsung Galaxy S2... Wife has same phone and everything works on her phone.. this has been a ongoing thing since midday Tuesday 2nd July.. Every time we tried to call Sprint for help all their stupid system does is send us over to bill payment.wth would i want to pay a bill when my device isnt working. You people need to fix this! When customers cant get their Devices to work and call for help that last thing they want to be reminded is hey were a giant souless super Company that doesnt care about you the customer only the $$ we want from you.

Can somebody please tell me how to fix this error code. Thank you


Re: Error Code # 67


I apologize that you and your wife are unable to retrieve data on your devices. Can you provide me with an intersection including city state and zip code so that I may check the coverage in your area? Have you checked to make sure the 3G data is enabled? If it is lets turn it off and then re-enable it.


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