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Galaxy s3 wont send or receive calls and text messages!


Galaxy s3 wont send or receive calls and text messages!

For 8 days now my galaxy s3 has had  trouble making calls and sending and receiving text messages.  although i have poor reception at my house, even when my phone shows to have a signal it will not make a call or send a text.  when someone calls me it goes straight to voicemail and when they text me i receive it hours later. pretty rediculous for a flagship phone, i thought it may have been a tower problem but there is no reason i should be without service this long.  Even when i have 3g/4g service i can browse the internet but still cant make calls!!


Re: Galaxy s3 wont send or receive calls and text messages!

Hey Travis,

I have the Galaxy S2 and I am having the same issues. Either I get 0 connectivity or the calls are so bad that It ends up being dropped. I called and talked to sprint, I was on the phone for more than 45 minutes with three reps and three managers, the only advice they can give me is to PURCHASE an Airrave for an additional $140.... sorry but Fuck that.... I refused to pay for something I should be getting anyways. The rest of my family has Verizon...they all receive reception in my home, they have 4g connectivity.... I have sprint.... No reception at home, or anywhere for that fact... and 4g is not even offered in my area and no one knows when it will be available. I have been with Sprint for 8 years, but they are going to shit! I am trying to get out, but they want me to pay $400 to cancel my contract.Good luck in resolving your issue, you will most likely have to find another route, because sprint obviously does not care about their customers.

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