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How do I give Sprint feedback on their customer service?


How do I give Sprint feedback on their customer service?

I had a mixture of very good and very bad service while upgrading my phone with sprint.  Where am I supposed to share that feedback with Sprint?  I wasn't contacted for any surveys about my experiences and when I look at the "Contact Us" link for email, all of it is oriented toward resolving issues and questions rather than customer comments.  So that's my question: Where do I leave feedback on the customer service?

And since I don't yet know where to put this information, I'm including it in this posting:


My old phone, the LG Lotus, broke several times and finally froze completely and wouldnt turn on (apparently a common problem with the phone as many people have reported it).   There was a $35 fee from Sprint to try to fix the phone because I didn't have insurance, which I wasn't willing to pay for that poor quality phone, so I planned to upgrade.  I ordered a new free phone (a Samsung Reclaim) online in late December 2010.  I lived in an apartment building and, despite multiple instructions, UPS couldn't figure out how to use the intercom so they never delivered the phone. Shortly thereafter I moved to a different city without having an opportunity to pick the phone up from UPS's transfer center.  Neither Sprint nor UPS was capable of resending the phone to my new address so instead a Sprint representative named Dina advised me on January 3rd, 2011 to refuse the shipment so that I could have a new order sent to my new adress.  She assured me that it would not cost me anything to do this since I never received the first upgrade phone.


Several days later I had refused the shipment as advised and it had been returned to Sprint's warehouse.  I was now trying to re-do the upgrade order so the phone could be sent to my new address.  I called Order Support and the representative then told me that it would now cost $29.99 to get the same phone because the price had gone up since the new year.  I stayed on the line for 2 hours and ended up talking to a supervisor.  She insisted that it was my fault for not re-ordering the phone in December before the price went up, and now I would have to choose a different free phone if I wanted that.  For over half an hour I tried to explain to her that I had been advised by a Sprint representative to refuse the original shipment, and that if I had known that the price had gone up (and if I hadn't been incorrectly told that I wouldn't have to pay anything to do a new order), then I wouldn't have done that and would have found another way to get the phone I ordered at the original price.  This supervisor, whose name I don't have, but whom I talked to at length on January 6th, 2011, refused to acknowledge that since my original order (which I had a receipt for) was never fulfilled through no fault of mine, Sprint had a responsibility to honor that order at the original price.  I insisted on talking to manager, but none was available. She suggested a manager could call me back, but that was not possible since my phone was still broken (I had been calling from gmail voice chat, my lifeline throughout this month-long-broken-phone period).  I hung up, resolved to speak with a manager when I had borrowed a phone where I could be called back.


Once I had borrowed a phone I called Order Support again, intent on getting through to a manager.  However, the first representative who I spoke to, to my great surprise and satisfaction, acknowledged that since I was told by a Sprint representative that I could get the phone for the same price as my original order, that Sprint would honor that and give me a credit of $29.99 for the new price of the phone.  The representative's name was Lucas, and I I was so grateful that he swiftly brought my 3-hour ordeal to an end with a quick call to his supervisor to approve the credit.  Lucas single handedly maintained my customer loyalty to Sprint, because I had resolved  out of principle that if Sprint would not honor my original order, I was going to pay the $200 penalty or whatever to switch to a new carrier and never do business with Sprint again.  Fortunately, thanks to his fairness and competence it did not come to that.  In a perfect world, Lucas would be a supervisor, and the supervisor I spoke with on January 6th would be out of a job.


Re: How do I give Sprint feedback on their customer service?

I would like to know also.  I've been in contact with 8 different people over the past 2 weeks and spent about 4 hours trying to get a simple resolution and every person I spoke with said I may be receiving a survey about my experience.  I have yet to receive 1 survey and would LOVE to let Sprint know about their agents.


Re: How do I give Sprint feedback on their customer service?

Hmm... I wonder how else we could find out how to leave feedback on customer service?  Sprint representatives don't seem to be responding to this forum. :-/  Good luck THEARIZONANATIVE with your Sprint ordeal!

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