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How to add an iPad to my account?


How to add an iPad to my account?

Hey Everyone, I just won an Apple iPad 16GB from a third party.  My question is can Sprint provide data service for it on my existing account?  How much would that cost and what steps must be taken to activate it on my account?

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Re: How to add an iPad to my account?


Congrats on winning an iPad; that is awesome to hear!! If you we're approved for more than one line and aren't currently using it you definitely can actiavte the iPad just make sure it is a sprint branded iPad as well. You will just go to your account and add a new line of service keep in kind the $36 fee for this. I have also provided a link to our current data plans that we offer for data plans

Let me know if you have any other questions or need help setting this up!



Denver Social Care Team

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