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How to complain about customer service?

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How to complain about customer service?

I have tried everything and cannot figure out how to complain about the customer service I have been getting. How do I formally complain about this? I am a new customer to Sprint and just purchased my phone less than three months ago. My phone had been restarting randomly since the beginning and every time I went into the sprint store they told me to come back when it acts up so they can see the problem first hand. This happens twice and the third time I take it in the store tells me that the charging port is broken and I have to pay $100 for insurance. I explain to them that the phone came broken and when I talked to a customer service rep she informs me that it is not important who breaks the phone. When I explain to her that I do not believe I should have to pay for a phone that was defective from the beginning, she tells me she is going to transfer me to her supervisor. I wait for a few minutes and then they hang up on me. Less than three months and Sprint has already been the worst service I have had so far. PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME HOW I CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS!!!!

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How to complain about customer service?

It is called following the hierarchy to the top which would be the president.  I have found writing letters are very effective.  You need something to support your claims so find some evidence.  Keep track of repairs.  Keep track of who you talk to, when, and what time.  You got to the supervisor and so now you got to find out their supervisor.  You keep going up the ladder until you get the president of the company.  Another way is to just write the president and he probably won't get back to you as he will have his underling or secretary contact you. Some other contacts to consider are the Better Business Bureau which has lost its teeth when dealing with the other companies that have become members.  If you write a complaint they probably will get back to you from there but I have found a lot of the time the BBB will just support the member.  Another good agency is the FTC which you can report companies for wrong doing.  If it is illegal than try the IC3 which is law enforcement. 


How to complain about customer service?

I feel your pain.  A Sprint store sold my girlfriend a faulty phone that had water damage, told us it was brand new, perfectly functional phone.  She was informed of this after we have had the phone for about 10 months, and it being in for repair several times (With no avail), they finally told us it had water damage.  The phone has never been wet.  We told the rep at a store, who then told us we were sold a faulty phone.  She called customer service, and was yelled at and told that they didn't care about our issue.  I called and was told to have a memo posted to the account, and to go to the store we bought the phone from.  She went to have the memo posted, which was never done (They lied and said it was taken care of), then drove 2 hours to a store that was no longer there.  All I want is a replacement phone, without having to pay for it, since I paid for a new phone I never received.  I have been told on numerous occasions I would be receiving a call before the end of the day (I"m waitin on one now, an hour and fifteen minutes late, by the way.)  If you figure out a way to complain, let me know.

By the way, last I checked, selling someone used or defective equipment under the pretense that it is new is fraud.  And, last I checked, fraud is a FELONY.  Maybe you should switch carriers while you have the chance.


How to complain about customer service?

Please send a private message to SprintCares - Here is a post of how to send

How do I send a PM to sprintcares?


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