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Need assistance before separating accounts


Need assistance before separating accounts

Hello. I have had a line for 10 or 15 years with Sprint, this was opened under a parents name but has never been managed by anyone else but myself. Recently my father needed to port his number to Sprint and since (despite being 2013 in a technologically advanced society) it's apparently impossible for a person to have two separate accounts his was added to "mine", i.e. the existing number. This is going to be too confusing for billing since there is also apparently no way to separate the lines for billing purposes. So I'm looking for assistance from a Sprint CS rep with two things:

1. I need to have someone determine from my info (SS#, etc) what if any deposit I'll need to pay in order to make this transfer. As I said, I've had this number continuously for the past 12+ years (and obviously this'll be Auto Pay for the sake of convenience anyway) so I certainly hope the account age will preclude the necessity for any deposit. I need to know this info ahead of time so I can have it done or be ready to do it immediately since it will be extremely difficult to both call in together and I dont want any delays.

2. Need to figure out the simplest way to accomplish change of ownership because it is impossible for us both to travel to a Sprint store. Obviously we can both now login to the merged account, can I be designated from within the web portal as authorized POC since I'm sure I'll just be filling out the forms for him anyway?

Again, just directing me to the liability transfer form is not a help, I'm looking for info from someone AT Corporate and will be happy to PM all account info so you can assist me with this oddity. Thank you!


Re: Need assistance before separating accounts

Still no reply? Customer disservice, apparently. No wonder the churn rate is so high.


Re: Need assistance before separating accounts


Thank you for reaching out to us. I understand that there are extenuating circumstances that make it difficult to visit a store or communicate with us over the phone. The easiest way to achieve a change of ownership for your line of service is by following the steps and completing the Change of ownership forms found at:

To answer your two questions:

1. There is no required fee for the change of ownership process.

2. The easiest way to complete the change of ownership is through the forms, which do not required visiting an Sprint corporate store.

There is a requirement for both parties to call in together as part of the process; there would be no way to work around these necessary steps to complete the change of ownership. If you have any other questions feel free to let us know.

Thank you.

Charles G.

Sprint Social Care Team

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