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Picture Mail Delivery Has Changed


Picture Mail Delivery Has Changed

With the discontinuation of the Picture Mail Online website the way which pictures are delivered when sending as email has changed.  Pictures sent via email now arrive at the destination as an attachment (like a file).  You must “open” the attachment to view the image.  Previously, customers received via email a message that looked like the below.  They could click on View Entire Message and the image and any associated text would be viewable.


Now it comes as:

You have a picture / video message from in the body of the email and next to Message is an attachment.

For customers who are experiencing that pictures sent to Facebook via MMS or to a Facebook email address are showing the verbiage (banner) of You have a Picture Mail from, but not showing the image, we are looking into why this may be occurring.  In the meantime, try sending the photos from your email client on the phone instead of from the Messaging client. 


Re: Picture Mail Delivery Has Changed

Thanks Mapesy, I'll pass this along. The only issue is that customers that only have the messaging plan, When using their email to send their pictures they will incur casual data charges. Some have data blocked per the new change that allows data to be blocked and still send/receive picture mail.


Re: Picture Mail Delivery Has Changed

I spoke with the program manger of Picture Mail and here is her response.

If the customer is sending to an email address THROUGH their Picture Mail Menu then they would NOT incur additional casual data charges. 

IF the customer goes to their EMAIL account and sends as an attachment via EMAIL on a plan without a data plan then yes, they WOULD incur casual data usage.  This is no different than any other activity they do within the email client.



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