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Problems with Sprint's credit check (background check?) process / help needed


Problems with Sprint's credit check (background check?) process / help needed

Last week I tried to get the new iphone 5 from Sprint (switching from one of the other companies) and I had what seems to be a common problem based on previous posts on this forum. 

After completing the online application I received an email asking me to call a representative to supply “additional information”. I was then transferred to a credit specialist who proceeded to ask me some normal questions (which I had already provided in my application such as address, SSN, etc…) followed by specific information about a person I don’t know and a car brand I don’t own. Obviously I said I had no idea who this person is, and she told me that “I failed the questionnaire and won’t be able to get the phone” and I could retry in 60 days. I insisted that this makes no sense, I have a perfect credit score, mortgage, car, etc… how come I can’t get a cell phone? She mentioned that I should go check “public records” at the local courthouse and they refused to give more information. As previous users with the same problem mentioned this makes very little sense because public records at the courthouse will be specifically related to lawsuits, divorce, etc etc.

Thinking that I  was being a victim of identity theft I pulled my credit report from all 3 bureaus and noticed nothing unusual. I kept searching for this person’s name in association with mine, and ran into “background check” or "people finder" websites such as Intellius and US search where for some strange reason this person (who I later found out lives in my building) shows up in my profile. So the questions I was being asked by the Sprint representative had nothing to do with public records, and the “third party service” that she was referring to was simply one of these background search websites (but she refused to give me any information of where they were getting the info from). These websites are notorious for containing inaccurate information (obtained from public records but also from social networks and other unreliable sources) and it is unbelievable that Sprint is actually running background searches on possible new customers and denying them the service based on information obtained like that, despite a perfect credit score. Again, I have had a cell phone with a competing company (who also has the iphone 5) for many years, and I wanted to switch to Sprint but I guess it won’t happen. If I try again in 60 days I’ll get asked those questions again so why even bother.

I guess Sprint lost another potential new customer, unless someone can do something about this. I would appreciate any help if any Sprint rep is reading this and has a suggestion / idea.


Re: Problems with Sprint's credit check (background check?) process / help needed

These are some of the other posts I was referring to:

Consistently people check their credit report and it's all normal (with no mention of the strange names that come up in the questionnaire) and they are told to go to the courthouse and check their "public records" and can't find any reference to the strange questions in those records.... Frustrating.

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